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International Journal of Project Management article ‘Developing a Systemic Lessons Learned Knowledge Model for Organisational Learning through Projects’ has been downloaded 1489 times and viewed 1893 times since publication….very happy with this result :)

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New NASA Gateway to Critical Knowledge

For those of you who follow my interest in locating public domain lessons learned material you will enjoy the latest addition to ‘Lessons learned in the public domain‘:

NASA Chief Knowledge Officer Ed Hoffman announces the implementation of the Critical Knowledge (CK) Gateway.

The CK Gateway is a portal connecting the NASA community to a vast array of NASA video-based lessons learned resources and serving as an index to broadly applicable lessons learned that enable mission success.  The goal of the CK initiative is to stimulate critical thinking and assist users in formulating questions that need to be considered at various phases in a project life-cycle.

Syllk model “IJPM paper (In Press, Corrected Proof)” now available wef: 6 August 2014

Hi to the Syllk followers,

Developing a systemic lessons learned knowledge model for organisational learning through projects

…is now available on-line at International Journal of Project Management.

More information can be found at pmlessonslearned publications – IJPM 2014-2015 page.


Now working on the next research journal paper – Application of the Syllk model in an organisation using Story telling…


Syllk model updated

Hi to the Syllk followers…A couple of new model updates…



International Journal update. A recent paper has now been accepted for publication. As soon as I can I will advise all the details.

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LinkedIn post ‘People, Process, Technology, and Associated Barriers to KM’

Another interesting post on LinkedIn, worth a read…

People, Process, Technology, and Associated Barriers to KM

(posted by Timothy Maciag Knowledge Analyst at eHealth Saskatchewan)

Barriers To Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing is the corner-stone of many organisations’ knowledge-management (KM) strategy. Despite the growing significance of knowledge sharing’s practices for organisations’ competitiveness and market performance, several barriers make it difficult for KM to achieve the goals and deliver a positive return on investment….


Hi Stephen,

thanks for your comments. I’ve just had a quick read-through of your PMOZ paper – looks very useful – I’ve down-loaded so that I can properly digest. It never ceases to amaze me why organizations still pay lip service to learning lessons, but in reality don’t appear to learn anything. Some examples that come to mind are the UK’s National Health System (NHS), and Social Care. Many instances of systematic child abuse, where “lessons will be learned” by police and social services…until the next time the same things happen in the same area involving the same authorities. “Lessons will be learnt” seems to be a mantra trotted out by those n authority, but nothing really seems to change.

I look forward to seeing further work in this area, and particularly the papers you mention that are currently being peer-reviewed.

Steve Dale

– See more at:

More Lessons Learned on LinkedIn

More Lessons Learned on LinkedIn

The following interesting LinkedIn and blog posts highlight the challenges we have with lessons learned:

Lesson Learned Fact Sheet  at Jose Carlos blog

Lessons Learned and when training hurts the future at David Griffiths K3- Cubed blog

Both of these posts supports the Syllk model in highlighting the barriers of lessons learned and discussion around the learning element of the model.

Enjoy :-)